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what other male celebrities get nude?

hi, what other male celebrities get nude in movies?


As another nice Brit/Scot try Daniel "James Bond" Craig in Love is the devil. He's full frontal in it.

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For a start, trying to avoid Europeans, Canadians and character actors:

Frank Langella, 'Lolita' (1997)
David Thewlis, 'Naked' (1993)
John Gielgud, 'Prospero's Books' (1991)
David Morrissey, 'Drowning by Numbers' (1988)
Ralph Fiennes, 'Sunshine' (1999) and 'Red Dragon' (2002)
Viggo Mortensen, 'Eastern Promises' (2007)
Oliver Reed, Alan Bates, 'Women in Love' (1969)
Kyle MacLachlan, 'Showgirls' (1995)
Billy Connolly, Gerard Butler, 'Mrs Brown' (1997)
Geoffrey Rush, 'Quills' (2000)

Henry Rollins gets it out in an old film of his from about 2001, which has Billy Zane in it, can't remember what it's called. Quite a few other Peter Greenaway movies feature male nudity, although maybe not by the stars. I'm pretty sure you see Malcolm McDowell's knob in 'Caligula', but it's a while since I've seen that movie, and like a lot of traumatic things my brain has blocked it out.


Gerard Depardieu and Robert De Niro in Bertolucci's Novacento, recommended in its really, really long director's version.

Harvey Keitel in Campion's The Piano.

Jeremy Irons, Malle's Damage.

Not revealed, but Harrison Ford has a close call in Frantic that's pretty funny on several levels, not least that the picture was directed by Roman Polanski. I think of it as a love letter to America from a spurned suitor.

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De Niro in the Deer Hunter?

In an old Sean Connery film, Outland, he's playing tennis in one scene in some shorts and you can see it thrashing around underneath. Lucky old Mrs Connery.



Bruce Willis "Color of Night". While swimming nude.

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Sam Rockwell, *Lawn Dogs*. (He wasn't actually a celebrity then.)


Javier Bardem, *The Dancer Upstairs*. (Same applies.)


Jeff Stryker, Ron Jeremy, etc

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