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So little information about the McMartins

Why is there so little information about the McMartins available on the net? All you see when you search their name is over and over again that their case was the longest and most expensive criminal trial in American history and that it yielded no convictions. Like that's all that matters to anyone. Why are there no documentaries about what they went through and what the prosecutors did to them? All I find when I search YouTube is some ridiculous program about morons looking for underground tunnels as if they'd actually exist. Where is the 60 Minutes interview that is portrayed in the film? It seems like there's no real information, just stupid things like Satanism and witchcraft; a lot of stuff that never happened. None of it was ever validated by anyone. It seems like the entire world has just forgotten about what the justice system did to them. They weren’t even able to sue anyone after it was all over. *beep* scary, no wonder everyone wants to forget.


Here's a fairly extensive article about the trial:

Here's another fairly extensive article about the trial that analyses a lot of the "evidence" and attempts to interpret it.

I happened in the mid-80's, long before the world wide web was around, I wouldn't be too surprised it's difficult to dig up information on the trial.

There are at least half a dozen books, you should be able to find them at your local library pretty easily. I really don't think this episode has been forgotten, you just have to dig a little bit more.


There is a lot of information about it, including a dedicated website.