A very well done retrospective.

This is a film that paints, probably the most complimenting portrait of the man. Most of them, while somewhat jilted by him, had praise for him, and considered him to be a dear friend. Although, as well made as it was, and as good as the production values were, it's not quite as entertaining as the smaller budgeted 'Flying Saucers Over Hollywod: The Plan 9 Companion". I applaud the director for making this worthy documentary, and most importantly, for trying so hard when no one wanted to talk.

"Well I'll bet you'd stick you're head in the fire if I told you you could see hell."


It was amazing in a Spinal Tap type way. You really see why these people worked with Ed Wood- because their *beep* crazy. And it isn't editing or the producer's slanted the view- you can honestly see how nuts they are.

but I mean, it really is endearing.

Plus, Vampira explaining that Orson Welles gave her the clap is priceless.


I love this documentary also. I have it on tape. Even though this wasn't said in the doc, someone described his 'cast of characters' as people that "Ringling Brothers would give their eyeteeth for."