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How you fall doesn't matter. ITs how you land!

How does this tie in to the theme of the film?

I understand the how you fall part, since I guess Vinz gets screwed over even after making the wiser choice, but in what way can your "landing" affect the end result?


So here's my take on it. 'Falling' represents the environment you're in and the fact that you may not have control over it. The statement about 'landing' represents the impact you make, in spite of the hand you're dealt ('falling'). In other words, 'only concern yourself with what you have control over.' You could argue this is reflected in the story the old guy tells about his friend "Grunwalski". Grunwalski essentially worried so much about his pride by trying to keep his pants up (Vinz seeking revenge = pride) and ends up dying, even though he had it in his power to do what he needed to survive.

Like I said, just my take.



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Pretty much agree with DirtyEpic, well said.


I think it's pessimistic too. Doesn't matter what you do in life or how you strive, the outcome is all that matters. Hubert is shown persistently wanting to better himself and trying to calm things and yet he ends up dead. What will be remembered of him is he died holding a gun to a cop. That will be how he lands. His boxing, the gym he started, his personality all gone and irrelevant.

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definately a very pessimistic outlook from the movie...

sad ending... as Vinz did pass a critical point...and gave up the gun...
but there was just too much going against them.

very gritty look...

great performances by the 3 leads...
Vincent Cassel is always great.


I think the "how you land" is to be taken tongue-in-cheek. The moral of this "so far so good" story is Don't think you aren't in for a world of pain just because everything's okay for the moment. Your direction may come to bite you big time.

I agree that the old man's story is related: Don't pretend you don't sh*t like all the rest of us.


Look carefully at the beginning of the movie: the Molotov falling toward the puddle looks like a giant asteroid hitting Earth.

I think the meaning is clear: humanity is falling, floor by floor, into a never-ending cycle of hatred.

The end is the destruction of the planet.

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