best foreign movies

Hello movie fan

Three years ago, I decided to watch the best foreign movies in the last decades base on scores/reviews on websites such as rottentomatoes, metacritic and imdb. I spent several hours making this video but it was worth it. My objective is to let you know good movies to watch, enjoy, feel and think. I do not display movies before 1980 because those excellent movies have been reviewed in many list and videos.

watch and enjoy

tell us which films you do not like and which ones you think should be on the list.

Also, write your top 10 foreign movies if you want

my top 10 in no order

1. city of God
2. The life of others
3. Amelie
4. Oldboy
5. Pan's Labyrinth
6. Infernal Affairs
7. Hable con ella
8. My Sassy Girl
9. the life is beautiful
10. 9 queens


WHERE is 'Der Untergang' (Downfall)?

Also, it's Infernal Affairs, not Internal Affairs....

Nine Queens is an incredible film.


hi tin Tin

well watch this video that I made. It is a list of best 150 foreign movies in the last decades.

the downfall is there

"Internal affairs"yeah you are right. it is Infernal Affairs. thanks


He wrote Infernal Affairs, you idiot.


No La Haine, why post it here? Although good list sir.


My favourite foreign movie is The Matrix.


La Haine
Seul Contre Tous


It wasn't a list of the grittiest foreign films.

-We've survived yet again-
-We've lost yet again-


Incredibly boring lists. Full of high profile films which are easy to digest but still allow you to feel cultured.


Top Non-English speaking movies you must see before you die, in no particular order;

Pans Labyrinth - (Spain)
Devils Backbone - (Spain)
Innocent Voices - (El Salvador)
In not scared - (Italy)
Central Station - (Brazil)
Martyrs - (France)
OldBoy - (Korean)(In fact see all the "Sympathy for.." to make up the trilogy)
In the mood for love/2046 - (Chinese)
Nine Souls - (Japanese)
The Return - (Russia)
Machuca - (Chile)
All about my mother - (Spain)
Let the right one in - (Sweden)
Amoros Perros - (Mexico)
Kite Runner - (Afghanistan/US)


Wondering what YOUR list includes?? They're high profile for a reason..and the films on the OP's list were popular in their own countries...I like his list...we're not all movie snobs trying to "impress" others with all the "underground" movies you watch...some of us just love film! Stop hatin'


Congrats on your fabulous list! May I also suggest The Band's Visit, The Choir and The Class, also does Babel count?

Dodge This .


Foreign movies? This is a worldwide forum and movies made outside the US are not foreign. Some are European others are Asian and so on and so forth. *beep* Americans! There's no such thing as foreign movies when you're adressing people from all around the world you self sentered piece of *beep*

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Way to get defensive. There is no reason at all to call the OP a piece of s**t.


He was overly defensive, yes, but the point he made is still a good one.


So what do you suggest we call them then? I guess those guys should be sorry that they (presumably) live in America.


Thank you cesaramoga for your wonderful post and link. I was also looking for good non-Hollywood movies to watch.

Anyway here is my list in no particular order

La Haine
Marfa si Banii (Stuff and Dough) -Romania
Cinema Paradiso
Dobermann (very underatted in my opinion)
Los Lunes Al Sol
City of God
Il Postino
Y Tu Mama Tambien


I have to disagree with your choices heavily.

1. Millenium Mambo
2. City of God
3. La Heine
4. Dekalog
5. Infernal Affairs
6. Amelie
7. Underground
8. Black cat, white Cat
9. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
10. Pitbull


I would add:
Michael Haneke's Piano Teacher and Funny Games,

Almodovar's Mal Educacion,

Chan Wook-Park'sSympathy for Mr. Vengeance,

Shane Meadows'This is England,

Amenabar's Sea Inside,

Takeshi Kitano's Audition

Un Prophete by J. Audiard