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Was it necessary for Sam to fire Don all because he wasn't taking it seriously about 3 people winning in 20 minutes?

Don felt Sam was overreacting about 3 people winning big money in 20 minutes and felt that people should win sometimes, Sam didn't approve of it and ended up firing Don, I don't think Don deserved getting fired all over a bunch of people winning big money at the casino.


It wasn't about people winning. It was about how unlikely a chance that they had to win in that fashion and Don's inability to notice what was in all likeliness a cheat against the casino. I've never worked in a casino so I can't say but I'd think there'd be a policy to follow when crazy odds seem to hit in fast succession.


It never occurred to me that 3 people winning in 20 minutes was likely a cheat against the casino, Don strikes me as someone who would be happy about people winning sometimes.


But he explains in the conversation that it had to be a cheat, and the machines had to have been rigged.

Ace Rothstein : Four reels, sevens across on three $15,000 jackpots. Do you have any idea what the odds are?

Don Ward : Shoot, it's gotta be in the millions, maybe more.

Ace Rothstein : Three fuckin' jackpots in 20 minutes? Why didn't you pull the machines? Why didn't you call me?

Don Ward : Well, it happened so quick, 3 guys won; I didn't have a chance...

Ace Rothstein : [interrupts] You didn't see the scam? You didn't see what was going on?

Don Ward : Well, there's no way to determine that...

Ace Rothstein : Yes there is! An infallible way, they won!

Don Ward : Well, it's a casino! People gotta win sometimes.

Ace Rothstein : [grows more irritated] Ward, you're pissing me off. Now you're insulting my intelligence; what you think I am, a fuckin' idiot? You know goddamn well that someone had to get into those machines and set those fuckin' reels. The probability of one four-reel machine is a million and a half to one; the probability of three machines in a row; it's in the billions! It cannot happen, would not happen, you fuckin' momo! What's the matter with you? Didn't you see you were being set up on the second win?


Me thinketh Don did not take probabilities into consideration (i.e. the probability that a person would win big money is high, the probability that two people would win big money is higher, and the probability that three people, within a 20 minute time period no less, would win big money goes through the roof!).


My favorite seen in the movie.

Sam was right that he was just not smart enough to know what was going on, but he was wrong in firing him. With Sam's distrustful nature, it would always be in back of his mind that Don was really cheating him and the "dumb guy" was a act.

If Sam was a better reader of men, and took the wise counsel that Don was "juiced in", his downfall would probably have been delayed by a few years.