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Are Kid's IQ's Dropping In The World Today?

Why do I keep seeing SO MANY posts about racist, or how sexist, or how boring, or how Mediocre cheesy... this movie is?

This movie is a Period Piece. It is based on the true story of the REAL Apollo 13 mission that occurred in 1970.


While it is true... that the producers, the writers, and director... Combined some characters into one, or shortened the timeline of events, So that the movie wouldn't run for MORE than 2 Hours and 20 minutes... EVERYTHING that we saw in the FILM, actually occurred in 1970 in someway or another.

- Blacks were not on the Apollo 13 Crew in 1970. So there are no blacks being depicted that way in the movie.

- Women were not on the Apollo 13 Crew in 1970. So there are no women being depicted that way in the movie.

- The Apollo 13 Crew were in REAL danger of dying. And everyone worked their butt off and worked together to bring them home...ALIVE. Life and Death should not be thought of as "BORING".

- No one should ever think of this movie is as "Mediocre cheesy" because everyone worked very hard to depict every character, every event, and every piece of technology as it really was back in 1970. Even the REAL ASTRONAUTS that visited the set, were amazed as to how accurate the Apollo 13 Capsule/Lunar Model sets were. These sets were even mounted inside real aircraft flying through the air to simulate weightlessness by climbing and then diving to achieve ZERO gravity. How many other movies can make that claim?

In a world that is connected by the internet, where real research can be conducted with a simple Google search in just a few seconds, and many databases can be accessed to view genuine historical documents... WHY are so many youngsters getting dumber and dumber? and What is going on in the history classes at schools today, that can't teach these kids what really happened back in the day?

How are these kids graduating High School?

God help us all, if one of these dumbos, ever gets elected as President Of The United States... or becomes a leader anywhere else in the world...


Actually I hate to burst your bubble, but the movie IS fiction and BASED on real events. Which is why you won't find it in the documentary section of the video store (although I'll argue that some "documentaries" don't belong there either).

Did the production crew strive to get every technical detail correct? Sure, but that alone doesn't make for a non-fiction movie. Many of the character interactions were augmented or fabricated to deliver more dramatic 'punch' to the audience. in fact, the movie goes to some great lengths to make Jack look like an incompetent pilot, Haise to sound like uneducated farm boy, and Jim to look like the hero by giving him the best lines. In fact, the movie does not really redeem Jack until the very end, as some voice over.

In fact, all three were very professional about their work and each was just as qualified as their counterpart was. Jack was just as qualified as Ken, etc.

The movie also took some great pains to make the doctor look like the bad guy, by second-guessing all of his decisions all the way to the conversation when Ken is about to relay the power-up procedures. Ken gives him a sideways glance and the Doctor looks down ashamed.

In fact, they all respected the word of the doctor and were all prepared for last-minute changes in crew.

I beg to differ on your internet Google research. There are many sites out there that talk about the Apollo hoax, contrails, the 9-11 conspiracy. Real research begins with a textbook or a visit to the library.

I don't believe for one second today's youngsters are getting dumber and dumber. They are faster thinkers, and are better at technology, however they get bored easier. Hence, all these posts you are shaking your fist at angrily.


There are many sites out there that talk about the Apollo hoax

Well that debate had been going on for 25 years before this movie was ever made. I am not going to get into that. If people want to believe that we did NOT go to the moon, then... so be it. Obviously for them, they would believe that this movie is complete fiction, since Apollo 13 "didn't" happen.

But take that issue up with our HISTORY BOOKS!

This movie is based on what the history books state. Actually...

Real research begins with a textbook or a visit to the library.

"Apollo 13" is a 1995 American historical docudrama film that dramatizes the aborted 1970 Apollo 13 lunar mission, and is an adaptation of the BOOK "Lost Moon: The Perilous Voyage" of Apollo 13 by astronaut Jim Lovell and Jeffrey Kluger.

Perhaps many people need to read that BOOK, before commenting on this movie.

Even the people who were actually involved in the "Supposed" Apollo 13 mission claim the movie is mostly accurate. There is a section here on IMDb that talks about what wasn't accurate, and the list is NOT very long.

I don't believe for one second today's youngsters are getting dumber and dumber. They are faster thinkers, and are better at technology, however they get bored easier. Hence, all these posts you are shaking your fist at angrily.

You obviously missed the big issue that I got on my soapbox about...

There are people seriously complaining about this movie because black actors or women actors were not cast to play the characters seen in the movie, that were based on real people, who were not black or women. This movie is not at all like 'Gravity' or 'Martian'. Those movies were fiction. They were completely made up. Casting Blacks or Women is perfecting acceptable and should be done. Apollo 13 was a bio picture, and today's youngsters can't seem to tell the difference. That is a real problem.

With the way many people are talking around here, they really believe that the next time Abraham Lincoln is portrayed in a film, he should be cast with a Black Actress! That is just completely ridiculous, and NEVER going to happen, no matter how much some people want that to happen.

Whether it be Abraham Lincoln or Jim Lovell... They were White Men. And that FACT is documented quite clearly in any BOOK, in any library you can name. And yet, today's youngsters don't seem to be grasping that concept from reading those BOOKS, if they are reading them at all...

Why does every child need a Laptop for school now? What happened to ONLY needing School Books, Paper, and Pencils? Until I got into Junior High School, I wasn't even allowed to bring a Calculator with me into the class room...and Phones and Pagers were never allowed in school back then either!

I had no trouble understanding such things as to what Biopictures were, and that Abraham Lincoln was a white man... 24 years ago, before the internet & all this technology came along!


I'm sorry, your references are correct but a little pedantic in their application. For example it was John Aaron and not Ken Mattingly that solved the entry issues however dramatic does not equal fiction. I saw a documentary about A13 and I was actually a little blown away by the accuracy of even the dialogue.



Of course it's fiction. It's not a documentary. Your post makes no sense whatsoever. You didn't address any of the OP points which were all pretty spot on. You basically said it's not 100% accurate so it must be garbage.


They are not "better" at technology. They have more access to technology. When I was in my early teens (mid-1980s) it was rare for a person to own a home computer and most of them where low grade machines that had little aside from a handful of games and programing them yourself. Most of my peers who owned PCs back then had some programming experience. In my high school years they had two years worth of programing courses available. I was using word processors and spreadsheets by my senior year of high school but not as part of the education curriculum.

My nephews who graduated the same school two decades later said that programing wasn't even on the course list anymore and most of what they did with computers was Office applications and internet usage. They were users of technology that I didn't know at their age because little to none of it existed. And my one nephew who professed that he wanted to go to college for computer science displayed time and time again that unless he had an application doing the heavy lifting for him he had little to no knowledge on how to bring together a computing project or to troubleshooting relatively simple problems with home computers.

So while Little Jimmy might be able to bittorrent you a Stones' album in no time he likely knows next to nothing about what makes that machine work. I'm sure there are some great exceptions and in the past few years there has been more emphasis on STEM but don't count on there being a large swing back to youths with technology understanding that technology on the fundamental levels.


Love this post. You nailed it, 2016 is the worsttttt


If it makes you feel any better, a lot of those threads are deliberately provoking by people who just like to get other posters wound up. I've seen a lot of troll or tongue in cheek posts get serious replies because people didn't understand they were just trying to be funny or agitating. Most of them know full well that what they're saying is nonsense. They just like to stir things up.


Yeah, God help us because it just happened.


how racist, or how sexist, or how boring ... This movie is a Period Piece.

Yep, nailed it. The movie really should come with a trigger warning that "this movie contains elements that may be 'triggering' to those who can't or won't accept that history 50 years ago isn't like it is today.."

I'm currently reading "What's Happened To The University: A Sociological Exploration Of Its Infantilisation" by Frank Furedi [].

Also see the WSJ column about it, "Free Thought Under Siege" (Daniel Shuchman, December 9, 2016) []

It's rather frightening the questions it raises regarding the future of education..


78% of all high school students polled couldn't located Texas on a US map.
Kids are fking retards these days, sure theres some bright ones, but on an average, the average 16 yr old high school junior in the united states is about as intelligent as a 3 year old Chinese toddler, a 5 year old Indian or a 8 year old Russian kidiot. American kids are bred to be dumb is the problem


"78% of all high school students polled couldn't located Texas on a US map."


Kids learn from their parents. If their parents are shallow morons then they will grow up to be shallow morons. Even worse, they take pride in their stupidity. Many of them consider learning foreign languages useless and consider it "unchristian" to teach any type of science. They refuse to marry outside their genepool and end up with "special needs kids" that require constant "prayer". I see it in my kids' school and it drives me crazy.

YOUR VOTE MATTERS! Please vote in every election. Thank you.


Watch Idiocracy. That is a film that was once fiction but sadly has become our reality.


IQ is not down, ignorance is up... Way up. You can thank our "higher" education.