Catherine the Great's QUIZ

1) Who played Catherine?
a) Catherine Zeta-Jones
b) Julia Ormond
c) Angelina Jolie
d) Julia Roberts

2) Who is the father of Paul according to the movie?
a) Emperor Peter III
b) Sergei Saltykov
c) Michael Voronstov
d) Gregory Orlov

3) Which one was NOT one of Catherine’s lovers?
a) Gregory Orlov
b) Sergei Saltykov
c) Potemkin
d) Razumovsky

4) Where did Catherine come from?
a) Anhalt-Zerbst
b) England
c) Spain
d) France

5) Where was Peter born?
a) Schleswig-Holstein
b) Hanover
c) Brunswick
d) Saxe-Coburg-Gotha

6) Who gave Sophie the new name of “Catherine”?
a) Her Dad
b) Her Mom
c) Peter III
d) Empress Elizabeth

7) Who stayed on as Chancellor for Catherine even though he wanted her dead during Peter III’s reign?
a) Michael Voronstov
b) Bestuzhev
c) Peter III
d) Empress Elizabeth

8) When were Peter and Catherine married?
a) 21, August 1745
b) 31, October 1746
c) 31, December 1744
d) 1, January 1743

9) What country did Peter III end a war with upon his ascension?
a) Turkey
b) France
c) Prussia
d) Germany

10) What country gave Catherine “The Great” ?
a) Spain
b) England
c) France
d) America