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Why didn't that many kids from "All That" make it big?

Either from the original run (1994-2000) or from the first revival (2002-2005):


Yeah Keenan and Amanda Bynes was really the only ones that went on to have careers after All That, i guess the others just went on to do different stuff and got out of acting or just wasn't good enough to make it.

Not many child actors make it big later on as adult actors, if they're really talented they do, but theres not a whole lot of kid actors that grew up to be big successful adult actors.

Just look at all the Nick shows from the 90's, hardly any of the kids from those shows went on to have big careers. Wheres Larisa Oleynik from Alex Mack? or any of the kids from Are You Afraid Of The Dark? or the kids from Salute Your Shorts?


Speaking of Larisa Oleynik...

She's seems content with guest-starring roles

She may be leery of fame after some scary moments

She's hiding in the indie movie scene

She did her first Lifetime holiday movie

She's not active on social media

She's stuck in the '90s

She shunned Hollywood at her peak


Um that link just takes me to the homepage of this site.


Don't forget Nick Cannon and Gabriel Iglesias among the "golden age" cast. I wonder if Lori Beth Denberg would've had more longevity (the most noteworthy thing that she did following All That was The Steve Harvey Show on The WB) had she broken out maybe a decade later? There really weren't a lot of decent roles for funny large-set women during her prime. And now, we have Melissa McCarthy, Rebel Wilson, and Aidy Bryant.


I'm kind of surprised that Chelsea Brummet didn't go further because she seems to have the look that people want for a youth oriented show female lead. Long dark hair, big round brown eyes - Think for example, Kira Kosarin from The Thundermans or Victoria Justice from Victorious. I've read rumors on Twitter that Dan Schneider may have gotten her blackballed.


I'm hearing a lot of unsavory things about Dan that I hope aren't true. It's interesting, he and Brian Robbins were both young actors together. Both did roles in movies and guest spots on tv shows as teens and then were in Head Of The Class in their early 20s playing teenagers. After that they disappeared behind the camera and started writing and producing. Dan's been like a cash cow for Nick and I believe Brian is now the president of Nick. So some people go on to do behind the camera stuff.

Danny Cooksy from Salute your Shorts mostly does voice over work. While not Nick, child actors like Will Friedel (Eric on Boy Meets World) and Jason Marsden (seemed to be everyone's best friend in the 90s..Eric's on Boy Meets World, Jt's on Step By Step but was virtually everywhere) do a ton of voice work.

The saddest thing as a fan i've read, But makes total sense, is Danny Cooksy saying something along the lines of he barely remembers filming Salute your Shorts. That it was just a job that was filmed in a very quick amount of time and he barely remembers it. The actor that played Donkey Lips also said something along the lines of it not necessarily being fun for him, as it was just a job. He was the primary bread winner for his family at the time and the pressure was on for him. The actor that played Gary on Are You Afraid Of The Dark? Has mentioned a few times that he didn't realize the show was so big to fans and thought it was kind of hilarious because he said he and the other members of the midnight society were on the screen for maybe five minutes an episode and they filmed all of those openings at once. Similar to Danny Cooksy's "meh I don't remember much" type attitude. The guy that played Gary has come around a bit though and embraced the show now after really talking to fans and seeing how much it meant to them.

All of that really puts into perspective how different it is acting in a show compared to being a fan of a show.