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Angelique Bates Speaks Out On Show's Abusive Nature Behind The Scenes

Hey, Roommates! Earlier this evening, we reported to you guys that ‘All That’ was making a return to Nickelodeon and that some of the original cast members would be providing commentary on the reruns. We can only imagine what Kenan & Kel, Lori Beth, Josh Server and Danny Tamberelli will remember from their childhood! Unfortunately, original cast member, @angeliqueBates, recalls a most horrific time during the first two seasons she worked on All that.

In an exclusive video for The Shade Room, she explains some of the horror she endured such as physical, emotional and mental abuse from her mother in front of producers who strongly urged her to just take the abuse and to remain silent– up until now! You can view Angelique’s shocking confession below:

cliff notes:
- from 92 to 96, she was on 'all that'
- nightmare began when she was 12
- physically, mentally, emotionally abused in front of producers and cast members and sometimes they could her yelling
- nothing done to help her until 96 when CPS was called
- was pressured by adults to stay silent
- says she's adult survivor of child abuse


Angelique Bates Interview Highlights 11-11-2017

We are joined by the charming & hilarious Angelique Bates. We talk about her recent decision to join the list of countless female voices in Hollywood who have come out detailing their childhood abuse. We discuss her time helping to shape our generation's sense of humor as a cast member of Nickelodeon's "All That" as well as the machinations behind-the-scenes of a large studio in control of the lives of children. She was an amazing guest with an extraordinary story.