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Which scenes can you tell were obviously after his death?

I have to say that they still put this movie together pretty well. Think of some scenes where you felt a stand-in was obvious. Also think of some parts where they inserted Candy into a frame. Here is what I can recall:

1. The part where Candy (the stand in) rides to the bar, dismounts, and walks in.
2. When the shots were lined up on the bar, it wasn't the real Candy standing there, nor when the bottle was put down on the bar at the end of that scene. 3. Also, I think they reused his "pouring the bottle out" bit from earlier in the film during that same sequence.
4. At the end, when he's leading the wagon train, he yells the same call and does the same motion from when he FIRST led the troops on the adventure.

Can anyone think of more? Let's see what we all can come up with.

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When Candy it snows, and Harlow is scene walking away Ben sees him and yells "Where the hel is he going?", it's obvious that this is a stand-in.

R.I.P. John Candy 1950-1994


Who cares? Crap film to begin with.


We care. It's not s bad film at all. You have an interest since you are here making wisecracks!!

So: a realistic, down to earth show..which is completely off the wall swarming with magic robots?!