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Did 1995's "Clueless" kill off the early '90s Gen X/slacker movie genre?

Namely movies like Reality Bites, PCU, Clerks, Singles, SFW:

(2) the slacker era this movie represents was pretty short-lived. Just one year later, you had over-achiever Cher Horowitz as the heroine in "Clueless", and the young generation would start developing and producing in the new Internet/cell phone era that would shortly launch. While it was cool to be a slacker in the early 90s, it was fading a few years later, and gone by the end of the decade. The moment quickly passed.


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Good point. Seems like Generation X was talked about for five minutes and then completely forgotten.


No, I mean Jay and Silent Bob were relevant until the early 2000s, with their high water mark being (in my opinion) 2001's Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back... I'm not sure I understood the question