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Recasting The Characters Of Pulp Fiction (If It Was Made Today)

Pumpkin - Alfie Allen

Honey Bunny - Imogen Poots

Lance - Topher Grace

Captain Koons - Michael Shannon

Winston Wolfe - Christoph Waltz

Marcellus Wallace - Winston Duke

Butch Coolidge - Channing Tatum

Mia Wallace - Emma Stone

Jules Winnfield - Lakeith Stanfield

Vincent Vega - Adam Driver


2 things wrong:

1. You can't replace Samuel L. Jackson. He's one-of-a-kind.
2. Channing Tatum spells doom. One of the worst actors I've ever seen.


I don't want this remade.


Actually really good recast. Especially Driver as Vega.


What about Mia?


Emma Stone


How would you even do Jody, the one with the piercings? Everything she had was kind of tame by today's standards. She'd have to be covered head to toe, have them all stretched huge, and be naked to even shock anyone, lol.