Most Disturbing Scene(s)

What do you think was the most disturbing or upsetting scene in the movie? For me it has to be the hostage in the motel room scene. I think it's just the perverse aspect of it that's unsettling and we never find out what happened to the hostage but likely a very bad fate awaited her after she was raped.

Another scene, though not violent, was when Mickey is taping the shotgun to Duncan Homolka near the end. I think it was just Homolka crying and begging not to die and saying how he had a family and Mickey just casually taping the shotgun to him, it definitely gets to you. Just seeing Homolka so scared and wanting to get out alive back to his family.


The most upsetting scene to me?

Well, there are 2 off the top of my head....

#1 Mickey has just escaped from prison and is going to get Mallory.

Ed (a very underrated performance from Rodney Dangerfield) confronts Mickey as he arrives and you just know Ed is done for. Mickey is a career criminal who is young & quite fit versus an old, out of shape, pederast Ed. Ed stands no chance.

Now please don't take what I'm saying out of context. I don't feel sorry for Ed. NOT ONE BIT. It's just that scene when Mickey breaks in ("Hey Jack....Mickey's back") and Ed gives Mickey a meaningless threat ("I'm going to cut your eye out & show it to you") You know that POS Ed is a goner.

#2 When Warden McCluskey is given a run down of whats happening in his over-crowded prison when the abused inmates start rioting, Tommy Lee Jones gives a look that is so disturbing. It is a look indicating he & his staff are totally fcked. He knows they are going to be overrun & all of them will surely face death.

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There are many disturbing scenes, but one of the worst is when Wayne tells Scagnetti to shut up after Mallory stabbed him. I know Jack was a scumbag, but telling someone who is suffocating to shut up so they can get their perfect scene is just very inhumane.

Also, those of people saying they got family etc. before being killed for no reason.

One I found very hard to watch was the deleted scene where the bodybuilder/wrestling brothers get their legs cut off. WTF?!!


I get what you're saying about that deleted scene but the comical aspect of it with the brothers' overacting made it more hilarious than disturbing for me. Oliver Stone even said he removed it from the movie for that reason.

I agree with the scenes you mentioned of the people saying they had family, and Mickey and Mallory just killed them anyway. Like Duncan Homolka, as I said in the original post. Just seeing him crying and so scared and begging not to die and Mickey is taping the shotgun to him. Later when Gale says he was killed and had his body tossed out the back of the van, even though you don't see it it's still really disturbing. Just to think Homolka was probably so scared and just wanted to get back home to his family, and never got to see them again.


Mallory setting her mom on fire and when they saw demons under the poison.


Mallory dancing like a hippie was disturbing


Incest implications.