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The PHONE-CALL,to Olivia,from Vincent...make me cry each time i watch...

So many "few films"have memorable scenes that really stand out.I will share below my fave in the entire movie.
As,i also see many over the years,and friends of mine who agree that the best is when we see Vincent realize finally it is Olivia,who he should be spending the rest of his days,nights,future with,his life,the house,the marriage etc;al.,and i love it.

Best Scene:
*Calling Olivia,no answer.Vincent says on her answering machine:

"Hey,it's me.I was just drivin'around and there was this guy deliverin'milk,
this lil girl with him had these eyes and red hair,this amazing red hair
and it reminded me of you.Then,something happened olivia."

Something happened...
"Everything just clicked."

I want to do this with you.
I want to have the house,the kids the family,everything.


So,Let's get married,ok come on,let's just do this,let's go get married."

"It is about you! it was always about you and it still is.

"Oh and um,its like a quarter after eight,and i look like sh---t."
Oh and by the way,this is Vincent Eastman."

#BestSceneInTheMovieIntersection LOVE THIS MOVIE.
Clearly under-rated,music score by J.Newton Howard,
the photography,et;al.,was all perfectly done imo.
Never tired of watching this amazing film when i can.

Buenas Noches..
(Good night)



absolutely DominicanREDAngel.Talk about a sad ending to a happy future(or future vincent assume he will have finally)poor fella.

I love the red hair comment in the movie.How sweet was that?
and yea how it was a sign that click'd in him.That happens in real life to some whose lucky enough to realize who we all belong with before,"it's too late."Ya know.
I just wish 1 of the women was by his side.I can't imagine going this way without any one i love or care for with me.But yea we all know as your saying,tomorrow isn't promised.
I take some comfort to know we got to see both women realize what he decided in the end and he know too ya know.I have this on tonight.I have to buy it on dvd amazon like pronto.
i love it myself.

IMO,it is really good.

It's filmed vry well imo but yea your right,just so very sad,he didn't choose quick enough olivia."he dies?"SMDH.Definitely driving way too fast.He just wanted to i guess get home to her.

Your right the part on the"red hair thing,like a sign i call it DominicanRedAngel.)

The red hair look great on you too.My niece has red hair.I myself cry at the "call"scene,he make to her but more when yea olivia is so happy hearing this.

Glad it's on cable tonight .



Your a gorgeous exotic sexy redhead yourself DominicanRedAngel. (very beautiful)and i just FB you,hi. i think overall the movie would have been better if, we got to see him live his life at the end with Olivia,happy.He didn't really have a chance.He just waste too much time.This pretty much happen to a buddy of mine.He "almost died at 18 "in car wreck,he thought he has all the time in world to settle down like almost 7 to eight years but reality is he didn't at all,but then a year later we were at a party all of us and just having alot of fun,hanging out a drive by in long story he live but will never be the same again after being first bad car accident and then shot up at a party smh.Life your right,is short and shorter for some who wait to do what we all should be doing in life.

Good movie,the end yea with him calling her like that.I love that part too.Never take advantage of some 1 who is "meant for you"don't waste time i think the movie show me as a man that is late 20s, and there are always yea signs for who that person is.Don't let is slip away when lord above show us whose really meant to be in our lives.It sure aint no 1 from our past imo or they would be making it with us in our future.

Good thread DominicanRedAngel



josh,i hope your boy,is ok now.
and i love what your saying so true.
ICAM with your post about short life,for some.

MY bro mid 20s only was watching this years ago with me saying same thing about how in the movie,"vincent wait so long to decide."But he should have just realize his"past is his past"no need turning back to it.It did not work out for a reason in the past,with sally.
So,your not able to waste time,your so right josh etc. we have to all keep moving forward
to "who we are really meant to be and where in life,we are suppose to be in order to be happy."

I pray for friend live,get back to me if your still on thanks,or when you see this comment in your email.I am farrah,thanks.


i say more on y tube
that is my best scene the ending like others.
But then the actual arguement/in the car/rain scene
where Vincent is clearly pissed off! LOL
(the rain scene,in the car/out the car)

i literally have cried to that few zillion times,with the music on during the rain scene and when liv is hearing the phone msg.awwwww i love this movie!

Then the scene with the "call to his precious olivia"i really love that he was so happy to just be with her but"really commit by marriage the house everything he said he only did want with her."How can you not tear up at the scene like that.

DominicanRed,thanks for this thread.I love this scene just as much!
I love the character of vincent,especially when calling the one he really should have chosen all along,if ur(past was so messed up)with some 1,and you can't patch it up but you meet some 1 out of the blue,the way he met Olivia?That was a sign he belong with her jmho though.He (As josh said as others here waste too much time )then died like that just sad.
But i love Intersection.

night all