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Deserves a better rating,,

This movie definitely was not very exciting but it does deserve a better rating..somewhere between 5 and 6..

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Seven years later and you are so right!


I agree, it was pretty good!


LOL yep i agree Jojy.

i rate it tonight as i watch it,perfect ten.
Only because of a few things:

1.(Richard Gere so sexy with grey hair,early forties in it and look as great as he did with darker hair imo)

2.)Lolita Davidovich imo was really great as a GF to him during "all he was going through"
imo. I like her in this,ALOT.(more than i assume i would))

3.)The ending imo was a really sad one and "quite realistic." He was so so happy then to that"quick"when he FINALLY realize,who he really do belong with,he died,so sad and the HAPPINESS he was feeling on the fone, and complimenting her "red hair"on the answering machine,telling her it is YOU,it's ALWAYS BEEN YOU...the cute lil red hair girl adorable...all made sense from that point on,i love that scene so much,and the ending,even if it was so sad at the end.

I love it.Very good ending.SHARON STONE was incredible in it too.Love her.To some it was a bore,to me, i give it a ten,even if it was lil boring,no way it deserve a 1 to 6 IMO.


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great post DominicanRed,hi pretty girl.
Your right,nothing boring about Intersection at all to me. i love this,will watch until i am old and gray...(Born in seventies)

love this so much i really do.
love ur post on few threads here tonight Dominican Red Angel .

That was my favie part too,when he calling her like that how sweet!

had to rewind the call scene zillion times while i cried.

also the music scene when remember?
he was pissed at our girl Olivia and he ask her,"are u gettin' out' of the car now lol
i was mad at him there but then the music come on while she stand sad in rain alone so sad
love this movie!!!!!!!


A thumbs up to your reply. I wish there was a Like button.

When I created this post, the imdb rating for this movie was between 3.5 and 3.8 (I don't remember the exact rating). I hope the rating increases even more from the 5.2 it has now.

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I can't believe it was ever that low...I'd give it a 6.5. A lot of great scenes, but a few cringeworthy ones too.

I first saw this in a theater way back when, and I think on TV over 10 years ago. My library just got it, so I watched it again last night.

Loved the Vancouver scenery, and Gere's performance is up there with his best. My favorite scene: when the little girl gives Vincent a sweet roll. And I loved the ending -- the fact that Sally doesn't know he left Olivia the phone message, and Olivia doesn't know that he wrote her the letter...

*just had to upload that scene --