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Yes, I still want that clock

It was my senior year in high school, and I was first-in-line opening night for this flick, believe it or not. I had a thing for Sharon Stone after BASIC INSTINCT and SLIVER, and wanted to see her play a frigid middle-class divorcée. I actually liked the movie a lot, and got misty eyed at the end where the women meet at the hospital. I even bought the soundtrack on cassette because I loved the strings and mournful harmonica arrangements, and played it in my 1988 Honda Accord while I drove to school. I was SUCH a nerd!

In my adult years, I can definitely say my wholehearted love for this film has waned a bit. It still makes me wish I was a effortlessly rich Canadian with a well-paid but oddly defined "creative career" in British Columbia. And yes, I still want that clock. And yes, I think James Newton Howard's score is really underrated. But I probably wouldn't get a lump in my throat because Sharon Stone and Lolita Davidovich allow the other to think Vincent chose her.

I saw it again last year and still got angry at the hippies in the VW, so you never know.