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save me from watching it again..what did the letter say?

missed the last 19 minutes, I hate to sit through it again

what did the letter in Sharons pocket say??

I gave her my heart and she gave me a pen - Lloyd Dobler


the letter was written by Vincent (richard gere), it was sended to Olivia, the "new lover" (not his wife), and vincent says to olivia that he loved his wife, and sorry for all, but olivia has to forget him because he chooses his wife, and not her.

I only saw the last 20minutes of the film on tv, but i see what was written on the letter.


I've only seen this movie once. Wasn't he going to mail her the letter but decided against it? I thought he was on a pay phone calling her to arrange a meeting. Or was he planning to break it off with Olivia in person rather than write her a letter? From what I remember, he changed his mind, kept the letter, his wife read it, figured he was gonna stay with her but in fact, he just never got around to mailing it. Sorry to sound confused but it's been a long time since I saw this movie.

Thanks tons.


Okay, i just saw the movie.

After writing to letter to Olivia (the lover) He said she should find someone without strings like a wife and daughter. Then stopped to buy a stamp -- started to mail the letter and couldn't bring himself to do that. he was holding the letter (still trying to decide) when the little girl handed him a sweet roll. That moment of kindness and generosity sealed his decision and he called Olivia on the phone to propose and to let her know his heart was with only her and she should meet him in 2 hours (or whatever) so that they can start their new lives together.


Sharon's character ended thinking that Richard's character was going to be with her, and Sharon's character didn't give Lolita's character the note, so she ended thinking that they would have gotten married (which also happened to be the truth. He wasn't going to mail the letter, but of course, Sharon's character found it and thought he WAS going to mail it). So in that respect, everyone ended thinking they were the triumphant.
Sad movie, I liked it.



Sad movie, I liked it.

Sad movie...but I didn't like it. This guy commits adultery and then leads on his mistress. Then at the end of his life, his actions lead these two women to believe that it's she that he has chosen. He dies and both women live the rest of their lives believing this hero loved her over the other. When the reality is that he had problems committing to either and probably caused each as much pain as joy. So he dies a hero. When he is anything but.


That is true but what I don't get is why was he speeding in the end? He asked Olivia to meet him at the diner then he speeds off, putting not only his life in danger but that of a family and a truckie!

Besides that, I spent most of the movie wanting to grab some scissors and cut his hair!


Your funnykate-hryn-rose i love it. but his hair long is sexy but also sexy with short hair in pretty woman,so handsome. Even at early sixties still handsome imo.
Gotta go re-watch later this holiday christmas eve or tomorrow definitely going to watch it again the last part,make me tear up each time.

Love the movie "Intersection..."
Vincent calls Olivia:
"I seen this little girl,she gave me a sweet roll"
she had the most beautiful red hair olivia.
She reminded me of you."I was wrong,it IS all about you."
Let's do this.Let's get married Olivia."

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He wasn't in his early sixties; Gere was around forty-five when he made this. Started greying around '90 for some reason.