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Jennifer Jason Leigh=The best "unofficial" Lois Lane in a non-Superman movie?

When Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster created Lois Lane back in 1938, they were partially inspired by the fast-talking lady reporters of cinema—specifically ones like Glenda Farrell’s Torchy Blane. Jennifer Jason Leigh’s Amy Archer, from The Hudsucker Proxy, shares many of the same influences, and she distills them into a singular vision that seems to pop straight off the page of the early Superman comic books.

She’s a little reckless, immensely talented, and not afraid to lie and cheat to get her story. She’s also stuck being in love with a complete goof of a guy from the middle of nowhere who’s been thrust into the spotlight and finds himself being perceived as someone much more heroic than he actually thinks he is.

So my wife and I were re-watching The Hudsucker Proxy the other day when I came to a realization: If Jennifer Jason Leigh’s and John Mahoney’s characters weren’t inspired at least a little by Perry White and Lois Lane …

In fact, the Lois/Clark rom-com dynamic from ‘Superman’ is rather similar to the Jennifer Jason Leigh/Tim Robbins rom-com dynamic from ‘The Hudsucker Proxy.’ But I think you pointed out its origins in ‘Mr. Deeds Goes To Town.’

Jennifer Jason Leigh pretty much played Lois already, just in the wrong movie (Amy Archer in Hudsucker Proxy).

She is a spitfire who is not scared to stand her ground. She is beautiful and has the demeanor to get information she wants. Similar to Lois Lane, her curiosity often gets her in trouble, but she has no trouble fending for herself. If someone attempts to interrupt her when she is speaking, she will slap them in the face and continue to speak as if they did not exist.