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This tested my patience more than Wiseman’s other films

The entire high school learning experience appears so pointless here (not the fault of the movie though). You have kids dragging their feet through every part of the process, piles of administrative bullshit (and all the politics that go on with that), teachers— when engaged— ramble on and on, oblivious to the fact that most of what they say flies right over the heads of their pupils, if it even makes it that far. Until humans are practically fully grown, the entire learning process is painful to observe. I can’t imagine working as an educator.

The scene with the condom education among the teachers was amazingly awkward. It brought me back to middle school listening to the over-explaination of every little detail (and even pointless, irrelevant questions too). However, watching the middle aged white lady roll a condom over a small black dildo while sitting right next to two grown black men, that was very intriguing.

If you haven’t seen either this movie or the original “High School” that Wiseman did in 1969, I’d recommend starting with the original.