It did happen

It's based on the killer Alejandro Henriquez who was a suspect in the killings of several hispanic children, and convicted of three murders. He killed his 13-year-old niece, a 21-year-old girlfriend, a 10-year-old girl he knew named Jessica Guzman (I think her murder was the most well-known), and probably more, including a 15-year-old boy and a 14-year-old girl. He was married to a woman who he abused and he burned her son in a bathtub too. He also had an 18-year-old nephew he trusted. And when he was a teen, he raped his nine-year-old niece (not the same one he killed).


didnt i just read this same post on another thread?


yes, it did happen in the bronx, new york from 1988 - 1992. u can read the story on THE MALEFACTOR'S REGISTER under Alejandro Henriquez.


Does anybody have any info on the accuracy of the movie versus the actual happenings IRL? did the movie stick to the actual events? please elaborate, really interested..


Have you seen the movie?


The movie open with Alexandra O'Hara and her little son. She's taking him to pre-school. On the way there, she hears that the body of a missing girl has been found.

Later, she meets Nick Pagan at her dentist? office? The dentist? introduces the two of them. They start dating. He introduces her to his family, including his father (who's weird), his brother, his niece Jules, his sister his nephew and his nephew's girlfriend Anna (and I'm sure there's more relatives he doesn't introduce in the movie.

Nick and Alexandra get married. Soon after, the nephew's girlfriend Anna disappears. She turns up dead. Mother accuses Nick. Nick apparently called Anna up in the middle of the night and lured her away from home. Anna was in her late teens, I believe.

Nick is abusive to wife.

Then, soon after that, Nick meets his niece while she's skipping school and smoking, or something like that. She's buying cigarettes I believe. He flirts with her a little. She goes missing. She turns up dead. (In real life, I read one of his victims was his 13, 14 year old niece)

Nick has a problem with visitation rights with his two daughters by his ex-wife.

He kills a woman named Cheryl. She's someone he has a fling with.

He burns Alexandra's son in the bathtub.

He later kidnaps a ten year old named Katie (I think this is Jessica in real life). Katie is found in a dumpster. She was a friend of a girl he babysat who was the daughter of a friend/girlfriend of his.

We learn from his nephew that Nick raped the nephew's cousin years ago. (I read that in real life, it was revealed that he raped a niece who broke down crying on her wedding day, saying she couldn't wear white because she wasn't a virgin).

We learn at the end that Nick was molested by his father (don't know how accurate this was).

Most of this seems to be based on the facts though some of the victims are left out of the movie, mainly the boy murder victim/s. It seems pretty accurate, but I'm not sure. I know that many of the victims were not Hispanic in the movie, to my knowledge. Nick was played by John Stamos. The only person who could have been foreign was Anna because her mother had an accent as I remember but I don't know if she was Hispanic or not.



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