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Question about the last scene with him and his father (spoilers)

First off, there really is not much online about this story other than just the details of who he killed.

The movie was great, but I think they must have left out a fair amount, as he was a cabbie, and it was never explained why he pretended to be a detective.

Anyway, the hospital scene, when his father wanted a kiss, I thought it was just him wanting to kiss his son on the lips as it would be their last embrace before his death. But then the wife's reaction indicated otherwise. So, that came off as somewhat random.

I was wondering if the last scenes in the movie were really how it all went down...did she have the wire the night before and then they had to rush to the hospital? And the part with him handing her the gun...I was wondering if that was accurate. At the movies end, we learn that the father died right at the end of the trial, so he must not have been on death's door the night his son was arrested, as it takes months for things to actually get to trial.

The reason I think that a lot of this is embellished is because I read online that part of his trail was the existence of taped phone conversations done by her, not him. In the movie, it seems he is the only one who recorded phone conversations.


As far as the film only, there are a few instances of Nick getting uneasy with his father touching him. He frequently removes his father's hands from him throughout the film. And the father wanted Nick to really kiss him, and it certainly appeared that it was not the first time he did this.
I've never read anything about his father abusing him either. That may have been made up for the film, as people get uncomfortable with people that don't have a 'motive' for being disturbed.

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Thank you for the reply.



Well, not everything is bio film or semi bio film happened in real life.

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