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Disclosure, Basic Instinct and Fatal Attraction.

Do you think that in an odd sort of way, those three movies almost make a trilogy about Michael Douglas being somehow controlled by women and either suffering or being in danger as a result?

In this movie, he gets harassed (assaulted?) sexually by Demi Moore's character and he also has to prove that HE didn't do it to her whilst fighting for his reputation and maybe life even if neither from her or the company he seems to be in too much danger.

In Fatal Attraction, from 1987, though some audiences even saw him as ALMOST a villain but nonetheless, he flirted and slept with Glenn Close's character who became obsessive and turned out to be mentally unbalanced and he had to struggle to get her off his tails and later he was nearly in danger from getting killed by her etc.

In Basic Instinct, he fell in love with Sharon Stone's character who herself was possibly a killer and in that sense, he almost also put his life in danger as well, even if in that movie, he himself wasn't a good character with one particular controversial scene proving it.

And also, would you say in all three movies he was a victim? And that all, in those movies' cases, female characters were very much in the wrong? Also... Were those films also trying to say anything in terms of how, with them being attractive and also involving in sexual situations (albeit in this movie, it wasn't completely "consensual" for one) whilst also posing danger and with Douglas being a victim but also in many ways flawed (remember what he did in Basic Instinct to Jeanne Tripplehorn's character, or how he attacked Close later himself in "not quite" self defense in "Fatal Attraction" or even here how he, or maybe, here he was alright?), well, something about human nature, how women should be treated too, if women are also always good and men always bad or anything else?

What do you think, thanks. :)