FAQ - spoilers

1) How exactly did his wife (or ex-wife) go from being dead in a body bag to alive in the car ? She had no Reds in her, the scientist checked and said so. So how did she come back from the dead ?

2) How as Joe able to leave his cell ? I suppose the cigarette meant the little girl passed the Deep Red to him, which would allow him to shape-shift. But small enough to be able to fit through the bars ? And without any other inmate seeing it ?

"I am not a complete idiot, some parts are missing."


1) Well, did you notice that telltale little wisp of mist or smoke or whatever that's supposed to be wafting from her right after he kissed her goodbye? We know Reds pass from one person to another through contact with things that have been in their mouths (such as cigarettes), so obviously that kiss passed some of his leftover Reds to her. As with the little girl, once his wife had some Reds, she just couldn't stay dead.

2) As made clear elsewhere, the Reds pretty much allowed anyone who had them to change shape quite dramatically. In fact, if you're paying attention, when the villain was posing as the lady client, one of those big muscular goons of his has to have been posing as the little girl; which would explain why "she" wasn't saying anything when they met with the detective. Obviously, those Reds really would allow him to thin out enough to slip through those prison bars liquid-metal-Terminator style. As for how no inmate happened to see this, I suppose his friends there probably just checked to make sure no one was looking when he slipped through, and stood in such a way as to block the view of any inmate who might notice. There weren't a whole lot of other guys being held there, and none of the ones who were looked like they were particularly attentive. If the producers had been given a slightly bigger special-effects budget, it might have helped to include an extra scene to clarify that, but it's easy enough to imagine even without them showing exactly what happened.