Luke Perry’s Death

I feel like this movie’s end just got sadder with Perry’s unexpected death. The end is already sad what with Tuff waving like Lane did, and Lane’s wife seeing Lane instead of Tuff.

RIP Luke Perry


Yes it was already hard to watch with his accent. I love Perry--but he needed to work on that accent. Sounded like Forgetful Jones on Sesame Street. Not good. I get through the movie by hitting the mute button.

The redeeming part had been him and Baldwin running around shirtless. I am Texan but not a big fan of rodeos myself.

Finding out Perry did risk his own life to ride a bull is impressive. They probably just could have done CGI now. Much safer too.


I don’t remember his accent being bad, but I do remember the wife character having a horrible accent. When Baldwin is riding for Lane, and she says “He’s riding for Lane now” in the most emotionless voice ever. The other cowboy, the poet, he had more conviction in his line “Ride em!” then the wife could’ve dreamed of.

A movie that has faults, but because it’s one of the most famous of its kind, is worth watching for the highlights.


Her accent I did not mind actually. I was born in TX but parents are from east coast---so people can't pin point mine.

This was Perry's first 'mature' movie. Buffy was to appeal to his pre-teen/teen base at the time (us) I will cut him slack.