Mostly Inaccurate

Although this is a great movie and I realized it needed to be hollywooded up for the story, most of it was pretty inaccurate. Lane Frost was a true gentleman and he and Kellie never cheated on each other, plus he had 100 percent support from his parents and was highly confusing why his dad portrayed this way. Check out to find out the truths about this great guy. RIP Lane.


Sadly, most movies that are made to portray someones life, or a series of real events are like this. Remember the Titans, American Gangster to name a few are pretty inaccurate. Most people would like to see the real story, but the movie execs would rather see the money that comes with making these movies a little more interesting.


I know this is a very late reply, but you need to understand that the one essential, indisposible element needed in dramatic storytelling is CONFLICT.

No one wants to go and watch a movie about a loving couple who are there for each other at all times, with no bumps or ruffles and are supported by their perfectly understanding and patient parents. Bor-ING.

This movie isn't a documentary. As for finding 'truths' from an official website, I for one am wary of that also. I didn't know the man, and sadly never will.

Never defend crap with "It's just a movie"