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Rodeos are nothing but animal torture (no, I'm not a member of PETA)

PETA goes way overboard. I do not advocate their bizarre agendas and laughable "Please Save the Shrimp" nonsense. Hell, I'm not even a vegetarian.

But isn't there enough animal cruelty that goes on without this needless rodeo dogsh!t? These stupid spectacles should have gone the way of the wagon train over a hundred years ago.

Here - watch the 2005 documentary Earthlings, if you can bear putting yourself through it:



Yes Rodeo is cruel. Its tragic that Frost was killed but Rodeo is a dangerous sport. It should be banned for the safety of humans and animals.


It is quite obvious neither of you know the first thing about rodeo. The stock at a rodeo is treated with great respect and are in fact quite pampered. No sharp spurs are allowed, the flank straps ARE NOT tied around the bulls' tesiticles (contrary to popular belief) and any equipment that may injure the animals is banned. Sometimes the animals do get injured, but it is the cowboys who are in the most dangerous, but they know what they are getting into.