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Weird Science was canceled before 7 episodes could be shown.

I used to watch this show on the old USA Network when the programming was a lot better than what it is now. From what I read the other day in 1997 Weird Science filmed the final season of the show. My theory as the why it was canceled was due in part that Barry Dillard when he owned USA network he was trying to clean up the network to sell and make a profit from it. There were 7 episodes that never aired, but when Weird Science was picked up in syndication the final 7 episodes were shown.

I can remember back in early 2000's when FOX owned The Family Channel. They were showing Weird Science in reruns right around 2001 or 2002 I believe it was. Winthin a few years Fox Family Channel then became ABC Family Channel. It is known now as Free Form, but I have not seen any other network air a episode of Weird Science since Fox Family was showing the TV show.