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Chandler vs. Richard: who would make a better rapper?

Although rap alone wouldn't be enough to win over Monica.


I reckon Richard could do a decent Murtaugh "Whoo le halla halla" number and Chandler could so something a bit more sarcastic.

Depends on the viewer really.


So let's say the viewer is Phoebe and/or Ross.

Would Chandler wig out?


Well Ross is going to side with his buddy Chandler on this one regardless of his quality, he's that kind of guy.

Phoebe would probably go with Richard because he's new and interesting.

You're damn right Chandler would wig out, that's his thing.

What are your thoughts on this matter James?


Richard was new... in 1996. But we're not stuck there, are we? Just saying that Richard wasn't quite so new anymore in 2000. And 2000 would have been a good time to rap and dis each other because there were so many memories made by then.

And I think Ross, as a musician, wouldn't be so quick to put friendship in front of artistic discernment. Ross is fair, so I think he'd give each of Monica's suitors a fare shake. May the best rapper win!

Richard could probably make their bones chill with his Dirty South. But witnessing Chandler go wiggedy wiggedy whack would be something else.

Tough call. WWJD?