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this should have never happened...

1st movie was good enough...they should have left it at that...

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Try telling that to the producers of Saw!!

I think the follow up was better then the original you're just being a sap


I just watched it again recently - and I really think a main problem is Andrew McCarthy's terrible performance. He had been great for years -- wtf?? He was totally fine in the first WAB movie, actually he and Andrew Silverman jelled and it was a great film. He just starting going totally OTT, acting nothing like he did in the first. The overacting was not necessary because he could have just ACTED (his job - acting) more like his character from part one. From the moment at the morgue when he asks in an extra high voice, "Do you have a Pen?!?" that's where I said "uh-oh." Or how about his silly a s s performance in the room with Hummel and the other guy? he was AWFUL. His walk on the beach routine and pacing to ask the girl out was SO LAME!!! Or the part where he was ranting about Voodoo and trying to hit on her at her house -- Blech!

(Plus, we don't need a shirtless McCarthy. Ever.)

Andrew Silverman was ok but even he was a bit dull at times which is so unlike the first since he turned in a good performance the first time around. Would have liked to see Gwen again, the two other Bernie Mob guys, the girl who Bernie was hanging with (mob guys girlfriend), and overall just some better supporting actors in part II.
The person was right who said we needed to have Bernie in a flashback scene; since the Terry Kiser 'alive' scenes from part one were great (Parking lots! I know you love food Vito.... haha).

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He knew the film would suck if he acted good or bad