English language version

There is an English language version out there... somewhere. I know because I wrote the script and dubbed one of the parts.

The English version may have been done only for one particular market (I suspect it was Indonesia) and may have been limited to the 35 mm version, so it probably was never transferred to DVD or VCD.

Writing the script (loosely based on the subtitles)was difficult, as most of the insider HK jokes had to be ignored and something else invented in their place. I must say though that it was easily the funniest of the many many HK movies I ever wrote scripts for. Dubbing the movie took a lot longer than usual as we spent half the time on the studio floor rolling about laughing (hopefully it was partly due to what I'd written...!).

For me, Steven Chow is tops in the genre. I must try to get my hands on the DVD for old times' sake


Mei Ah Entertainment has an English-subtitled release (DVD-123). Alas, the title on the box is spelled, "Flirtong Scholar".


I think the "tong" part was because his character's name is Tong Pak Fu...the english titles for HK movies always crack me up when I see them on the store shelves.