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By today’s standards, it would be deemed rather shallow

Not the characters’ mindset per se, but the way they are shown and directed.
Maybe I’m not too invested on 80’s/early 90’s storytelling, but, though clarifying Sam and kid have been grieving a lot over wife/mommy, that side of each one’s internal development seems pretty much between the second and the third act. Lines like “I’m gonna find a new mommy” would be deemed sloppy writing and characterization, by today’s standards (I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, again, per se).
No more than a 5/10 IMHO, however, even giving it historical context. I would have enjoyed more David Hyde Pierce, Frances Conroy (her numb husband seemed very funny, too bad we don’t see him anymore after that one scene), and, more than everyone, Rob Reiner. His “update report on nowadays’ women” was brilliant.