Velada, the sister

What do you think happened to her at/after the end?
The last time we see her, she's crouching in the tree...

"I'll tell you something if you won't think I'm crazy...I've got grasshoppers taped to my back."


She probably returned to her people, while the father and son moved on. I don't think she came to a violent end, or anything like that - it wouldn't make sense. He just couldn't take another wife - he'd already bonded with her sister, and probably in an overwhelming way, since his father had negotiated to have her given to him as a mate and companion and he'd probably - in that solitary emptiness of place - come to depend on her, entirely, for emotional support and confidence. His madness also betrayed his grief and mourning for someone who had probably fulfilled, both, a mother and a wife role for him. She was probably the first he'd had sexual experiences with, the only who listened to him express his thoughts and fears while they moved across empty land together, had cooked for him and tended to his clothing and home; his love was probably as much about gratitude and dependency as it was about emotional affection. He was also young enough where he may not have known much else; maybe his mother died when he was a child and she was the only woman - female, even, that he'd intimately spent time around. He couldn't endure the thought of replacing her.

Also, remember that father and son were walking across The Staked Plains at the end of the movie - not riding horses. I think she got her horses - and her independence.