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No, not for me. I don't think so. However there is...

... but I'll get to that.

The movie itself, a project of Sam Shephard, writer, actor, director, seemed to have lofty goals as a fable. And I wanted to go with it. But as soon as the side show people got involved, and Alan Bates turned up soused throughout the movie, I started losing interest.

Two things struck me throughout this film:

1. I wracked (maybe wrecked?) my brain trying to figure out what the western setting of death, love, fathers, childres, rape and such was a more modern interpretation of. Shakespeare? Greek tragedy? I kept figuring that it had to be the modern iteration of something that's gone before. Never did make the ocnnection with which to give some context to the odd goings-on.

2. However the movie did have Jeri Arredondo in it, playing sister number two. In this role, she was the most striking young woman I've seen in a long time, playing a native American. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. In fact, after "the second day" when Alan Bates woke up and started bloviating again, I began to fast forward to any scenes that Jeri was in.