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The sheriff's bladeless sword handle makes no sense

We're shown the sheriff to not have a sword with him, but just a handle.

Now, think about this realistically - HOW would this ever happen? Wouldn't a simple sword check be a routine to anyone that routinely uses a sword?

How can you carry just the handle, which weighs NOTHING compared to the sword, and NOT NOTICE the sword having become SUPER light suddenly? You are used to the weight of the sword, so you MUST feel something is off.

How do you PUT ON just a sword handle, when you're putting on your armor, or when your servants are putting it on for you - AND NOT NOTICE? HOW? Please explain the realistic chain of events leading to this outcome. It can't be done.

How could the sword handle even STAY, when it has nothing to hold it in place? It's not secured in any way, the way sword sheaths work, is that they keep the sword in place EXACTLY because there is a blade. How the everloving Frjordenstein could this bladeless handle STAY in the sheath, when there's nothing to keep it there? HOW?!

So you assemble this big group of men, armor them, prepare fresh horses and everything, and NO ONE notices that the sheriff is missing a sword, and is just carrying a handle? WHAT?

The way sword sheaths work, they absolutley NEED a blade to keep them steady and straight, unless they're unnecessarily stiff and made out of some heavy material, which wouldn't make sense, as that would be cumbersome, especially in combat. However, I can't be arsed to re-check the movie, or to research this topic further, so I could let it go, but it just boggles my mind that any of this could ever happen for a group this prestigious.

The sheriff is not some clumsy goofy-type idiot who doesn't know which way to put his shoes or tunic, he's a skilled swordsman, man in a position of POWER, he would abso-fking-lutely make sure he has a basic thing like SWORD with him.

Having him NOT have sword with him and NOT NOTICE it is akin to having him sit on the horse the wrong way and not notice. This is ridiculously impossible, even for a comedy movie. There should be SOME semblance of believability for the jokes to be able to land properly. Monty Python kept a 'realistic world' around the wacky comedy much better, and that movie had only ONE real horse, the rest were imaginary!

It says a lot when a movie that has REAL horses, loses in believability and realism to a movie where people PRETEND to ride horses, doesn't it?

There's ABSOLUTELY NO WAY the sheriff would carry around just a handle without ANYONE NOTICING, and I could list more reasons, but I am tired, so these will have to do.

In ANY case, this bladeless handle makes NO sense. Could even comedies make SOME sense sometimes? This movie crosses the boundary to 'boring implausibility' from 'really funny, because it's credible'. If ANYTHING is possible, then things cease to be funny.

If there's a BELIEVABLE world, but quirky and weird things happen in that world, it is actually funny. This movie kills its own comedy by making things too impossible, ridiculous, incredibly stupid and completely implausible.

I don't mind anachronisms like the stupid shoe air thing or the 'camera through the window' bit (which many youtubers don't understand, because the attention span of a modern individual is about 2.7 seconds, so they forgot the ZOOM IN they saw previously, just like 'Airplane!' 'reactors' never understand the SPEAR because they forgot they were just CHASED BY INDIANS previously.. sigh.)


I want you to realize that you're talking about a movie where a guy's mole appears in different spots on his face, a castle is towed away by a horse, and merry men literally lend their ears....

And THIS is what you pick out as ridiculous??

Your life must absolutely suck不不不


Also, somebody that uses words like "believable" and "implausible" to talk about A FUCKING PARODY MOVIE loses all their rights to credibly watch cinema.

You are officially banned from all cinema and further posts concerning said films shall be forever ridiculed as the infectious human waste that it is.