Can't reconcile...

...the fact that Callie made such foolish decisions throughout this movie. The biggest thing that drives me crazy is not only that she let the boys handcuff her, but that she walked off into the night with a bleeding child! She didn't even attempt to call 9-1-1...and she didn't know that the brakes were cut in the car, so why would she think it's a good idea to walk along the road at night with poor Ben bleeding away in her arms?

Also, the ending -- how she supportively squeezes Kes's shoulder -- are you kidding me? The kid handcuffed her and tied her to a chair, watched his little brother practically bleed out on the floor, and knocked Callie unconscious.

As a school authority figure, I would've thought maybe there would be some indication that she would get help for Kes. Especially knowing the story about Jude and how the trauma of watching her father throw himself out of a 20th story window effected her.

That's, at least, what I got out of that last scene -- like mother, like son. Kes is one screwed up kid....


She was trying to humour them by participating in the trial game. And keep in mind that there were no cellular phones at this point and the family probably lived 1/2 a mile away from the next house. So she did the right thing in trekking with Ben in the cold.

May you not rest, as long as I am living. You said I killed you - haunt me, then.