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Why hadn't he changed the locks on the house?

So his GF, who seems to have known him for quite a while, doesn't know what his estranged wife looks like? That has to be the least-curious serious GF on the planet.

I'm roughly at 17:00 or so. It's not like he'd have even noticed the cost of having them changed. It's standard procedure after someone with the keys to the locks moves out and you don't want them coming back in when you're not there. Also, why no alarm system in a house like that one?

I'm sure there will be a lot more WTF things to take potshots at, but that's all so far.

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Here's a novel idea for you. Have you ever even once tried watching a movie the whole way through and then commenting on it afterwards? What you're doing - stopping a film part way through so you can take to the internet to complain about it - is the worst way to watch a movie.

You do have a point though, I also wondered that... but then it was said a couple of times that it was actually her house as she clearly came from a very wealthy family.

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While it may be strange that the locks weren't changed in the movie they state that the husband was in a mess after his wife left for the second time.

The other thing to consider is that the wife left and did not seem to be around at all. They do mention at one stage that she did not answer any of the letters that were sent her.

One more hting to consider is that apparently many people in the USA simply did not lock doors etc - clearly in more recent times that may have changed. Their house seemed to be a bit remote so even if the locks had been changed I don't think anyone would have heard a break in.

Anyway, once the wife turned up again and started to appear all over the place I would have changed the locks then.