Psychoanalysis of Jude

I didn't see MOTHER'S BOYS but plan to as soon as I can purchase the DVD. I have read everyone's postings and the commentary on the movie, including synopses.

Much has been commented on Jude's neurotic, psychotic, and unbalanced behavior, especially towards her sons, the eldest in particular. The observation was that she deliberately exposed herself to her 13-year old son and showed him the healed Caesarean section scar on her lower abdomen. Whatever cultural mores on nudity within families throughout the world, here in 2008 United States, that would be unacceptable and considered unhealthy.

Nonetheless, Jude committed this act with careful manipulative deliberation. She understood her 13-year old son was at puberty when male hormones become active and boys' interest in the female form appears. At that age boys (and girls) are apt to be easily confused about their growing feelings, urges, and the changes in their bodies. Jude needs her 13-year old son on her side. She diabolically understands that confusing her son with his own bodily changes is the key. Jude doesn't have a pretty teenage girl available to be a henchwoman and carry out this psycho-manipulation. Jude knows she has to do it herself. She knows she can because her own body is still nubile, supple, lithe, and sexual. She can therefore incite a hormonal reaction within her own son. Jude is undertaking BRAINWASHING on her own eldest son.

But there's more. Jude confuses her eldest son, breaking down his resistance by pointing out the C-section scar on her lower abdomen to her son. This is a blatant guilt trip she is imposing upon him. She is in effect saying, " I suffered all this pain, discomfort, and self-sacrifice to give you life. I now bear this scar permanently on my once-beautiful body just for you. " The son may not comprehend her gameplan but the guilt will be in his subconscious.

For all intents and purposes, Jude is a bad person, likely a sociopath. The family's once-loving mother Jude disappeared one day and 3 years later a person reappeared that looked like their mother, had the memories, but now had a different personality and became ever psychotic. This angle could have been played up more, or even differently in a horror or sci-fi plot twist. For example, it could have been a doppelganger demon appearing in disguise, or she was kidnapped and 'altered' in some way against her will. I'd have to see the movie. No one seems to know why the original Jude returned in such a changed condition.

Ever wonder why her name is JUDE. The movie's writers took it as a play on Judas. Jude betrays her family.


I can't believe you actually took the time to write this long analysis about a movie you've NEVER SEEN?!
What's wrong with you?
Why would anyone want to read it? You don't know what you're talking about. You have no credibility.
Here's my review of the book War and Peace - I've never actually read it, I'm only basing it on stuff I heard.
Here's what I thought of the final episode of Breaking Bad - I never watched the final episode, in fact I've never even seen an episode of the show but I've read so much about it I think I'm qualified.

Do you see how ridiculous this is?


His analysis is still correct and makes sense, you don't always have to SEE a movie to grasp plot points, I often end up reading synopsis of films online after watching them because most movies don't make sense or jump all over the place in terms of plot. For example until reading some posts on this board I didn't even pick up in the movie that Jude's father was abusing her? I'm gonna have to rewatch it now...


OP:Have you seen MOTHER'S BOYS yet? I watched it last night. I bought it as part of an 8 pack of thriller movies -