Janet Leigh as Lydia

Don't get me wrong - Vanessa Redgrave is a brilliant actress, she did a beyond perfect job as Jude's estranged mother and it was a nice surprise to see her name appear on the opening titles - but does anyone else think it would have been interesting had Janet Leigh (JLC's real life mother) played Lydia?

The chemistry would have been good and the scenes between her and Jude (particuarly at the end) would have been very interesting to see . . .


"I love my babies, why would I want to push them away from me?" - Maggie Gyllenhaal.


Yes, seeing Jamie Lee Curtis and Janet Leigh act together would have been interesting....but Leigh was no Vanessa Redgrave.


But she was the original, Hitchcockian victim in one of the most shocking scenes of "Psycho". Jaime Lee comes by her "Scream Queen" title honestly.