The crow song

I'm not chinese and I don't speak Mandarin, but the crow song was beautiful, and I wan't to ask anybody that could pretty please write it down in English (translated) and in romanized English. I will be very glad. thank you guys.


I had been thinking about this song since I finished the movie a few days ago. I finally found what sound like the lyrics online IMDB boards are obnoxious in not allowing characters! *growl* Not even tone marks!

Disclaimer: Keep in mind this translation carries no guarantee -- I am not Chinese, only a student studying Chinese! This is not going to sound especially poetic.

Ci Ya Fan Bu

wu ya wu ya dui wo jiao,
wu ya zhen zhen lao.
wu ya lao le bu neng fei,
dui zhe xiao ya ti.
xiao ya zhao zhao da shi gui,
da shi gui lai xian wei mu.
mu qin cong qian wei guo wo.

Compassionate Crow Returns to Feed

Crow, crow to me calls,
crow is truly old.
Crow is old and cannot fly,
to the young crow cries.
Young crow every morning brings food back,
bringing food back first comes [and] feeds mother.
Mother before fed me [well].

I know there was an English translation of it in the movie when they were singing it, and it sounded much better than mine, but this provides a general/more literal idea...

(Feel free to correct me, anyone!)


Thank you very much superunknown04 if you need something translated in spanish i will gladly help you out. awsome!!!!

Don't you dare say "family jewels" or you will be
getting the business end of my stick!


The Crow on the tree,
The Crow Flying free.
The old crow flies no more
circling birds cry and caw
Little birds look for food
first feed mum then the breed
I wait for mine patiently
for mum has always fed me.

That is the translation that the subtitles give.
I dont speak a word of Chinese, but I just copied down the subtitles as the song played on the DVD.

Hope that helps!


does anyone know if it's available on CD anywhere?


Thank you superunknown04 for your great job you've done here.

I just got some correction here, your webpage version got slightly different from the version in the film.

Your translation for the web is definitely perfect. And i am a Chinese not good at English translating, so i just tried to make it right as possible as i can.

Crow, Crow stays on the tree
Crow can really fly
Crow is old now and cannot fly [anymore],
Old crow crows at the young
Young crow finds and brings food back,
Bringing food back first comes [and] feeds mother
And forbears hungry himself
[Because] Mother crow fed me before.

Wuya wuya zai shu shang
Wuya zhen neng fei
wuya lao le bu neng fei
wei zhe xiao niao jiao
xiao niao mei tian da shi hui
da shi hui lai xian wei mu
zi ji bu chi ren nai zhe
mu qin ceng jing wei guo wo.