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Using 'Blue Kite' in class--suggestions?

I use movies for teaching, i.e. I show movies from different parts of the world to my students in a remote rural part of India. Last year I showed the Blue Kite but found it was a bit too slow moving and unrelentingly grim. Then I showed To Live, which covers a similar part of history in a similar plot, and found it much easier to watch. I'm not saying that this movie is not great, just that for teenagers, the Blue Kite is a bit too slow.

With both of these movies I think it is essential to know background information about the periods of history covered.

I'd like to hear from others about how they might have used this movie in class, and any suggestions of specific discussion questions or activities that worked well. Thanks!


Becky. If you compare To Live and The Blue Kite, the difference lies in the treatment, To Live gives us an overview (superficial??) which is much easier to grasp, sticks to the general notions. While the Blue Kite while doing the same thing does it in far more detail. The difference is not so much in the movie than perhaps in the writer.

I think there are lots of details in The Blue Kite, especially the rectification campaign, some of the details escaped me despite having done contemporary Chinese history.

A briefing of the movie would be important on the various incidents it uses. Perhaps a lecture or two on that period and then the movie would be more helpful.


Oh, definitely, I agree it's essential to inform the students about that period before showing the movie! Some of those things that happened are so strange you would just think they are fiction unless you knew about it already.


Oh wow you really must hate China if you showed this to rural Indians.
But at least this one is historically accurate.

Just out of curiosity what exactly are you suppose to teach rural Indians, is it just the English language or are you suppose to push politics on them as well.


Sorry, very late reply.

No, I don't hate China, I'm just trying to show a wide variety of movies from different countries. Most of the movies I show are in English but since that tends to be too heavy on Hollywood, I show some subtitled movies (with the pedagogical excuse that learning to read in quick chunks is an important skill). I do think it's important to know about major events in the recent history of neighbouring countries, though, especially upheavals such as these.