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I can't believe Hiep Thi Le didn't get Oscar nominated!

Her performance was astounding for a first time appearance.She held her own against such stars as Joan Chen and Tommy Lee Jones, and she pulled it off flawlessly.

What surprises me still more is that "Heaven & Earth" seems to have been her last big role, and her later work is down to playing nurses and secretaries. What a complete waste.


5 second walk on scenes.

Meeting her in person is like, "Whoa! There's some talent here!" You can tell right away. This isn't some everyday Jane.


Wait, you've met her before?

But yeah, she never got that chance again to show how talented she is (also, while I haven't seen her in any other film, she was very attractive in "Heaven & Earth"- I could believe it if any guy fell for her).

I'm glad Oliver Stone gave her this chance, but the Academy did her a great disservice.


Yes she was very good, but i cannot help but notice they found the most round eyed asian they could... bothers me that hollywood still won't cast asians in anything but very specific tailored roles, we don't ever see asians in anything but token asian or roles such as this film... ie the Killing Fields, same deal... there are plenty of attractive, well built, charismatic asian leading men, but they never get a chance in hollywood.


Haing S. Ngor had a good run, and there are many Asian men right now getting steady work. Ken Watanabe, Chow Yun-Fat, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, etc.

But yeah, Thi Le was fantastic, whatever shape her eyes are.

And at least Oliver Stone gave a lot of Asians a chance to appear in a big Hollywood film. It's just too bad that nobody went to go see it.


Yep. Knew her through mutual friends. Amazing girl. Never met a girl like her before or since.