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What was the most moving part of the film for You ?

This movie has always had a special place in my heart,one of Mr. Stone's most profound works.The most moving scene for me is near the end when Le Ly and the 3 boys return to Vietnam.The scene when the oldest brother Bon gives very moving speech on how much the family and the people of Vietnam suffered after the U.S. left.I find it hard to believe that ths was his only film role.

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The most moving part for me was when Le Ly pleads with her husband to forgive himself, because she forgives him, and wants things to work out. And Steve is so gone by that point that he can only weep, ashamed of her strength and character. Both actors do an amazing job with the scene, and its outcome might be a bit predictable, but still very poignant.


of several moving poits i think that might be the number one.

Especially Le Ly's words: "I love the man I saw in Vietnam. I find you again. He's still there, Steve."

It was like she really found him, got in touch with real Steve. That led him to shoot himself as it was his only way (in his tormented mind) he could somehow redeem himself and set free the ones he loved. He just couldn't find a way out of the vietnam in his head.

Also that brings to my mind the scene earlier where she fell in love with Steve.
The moment she wakes Steve up from his nightmare and he kisses her. You can see at first kiss her face almost in terror (because of the raping earlier in her life), then she melts in his kisses and her face turns from being afraid into blissfulness, she have found the love of her life.


Too many to list, but one that stands out is when Le Ly comes to America for the first time and experiences cultural shock. My mom is originally from Thailand and she said that scene brought back many memories of when she first came to America in the early 70s.



Dunno, there were many.. *sigh


For me, it was the scene where she finally agrees to prostitute herself for the obscene sum of $400. (holy crap, that's a lot of money)

It very clearly brought to mind Fantine (Les Miserables), one of the most tragic figures in classic literature.

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for me, it is when I think of her mother.
who had been there thru all the wars and atrocities...
lost her husband.. and her son...

as she said.. I have no more tears...
I have cried them out to all directions of the wind.