dvd editions?

anyone know anything about this on dvd. i can only find a 4:3 fullscreen version. having not seen the film yet, im unsure as to whether it was shot in this ratio. if not, is it available widescreen anywhere?
any help appreciated.


Yes, the 4:3 is the correct aspect ratio for this film. Zeitgeist Films is releasing a 3 DVD boxse of Atom Egoyan's early work featuring 4 features, and many shorts. Should be out sometime soon. Check out http://www.zeitgeistfilms.com for more info about its release.


Got the DVD from Netflix (shown in 4:3), then bailed 10 mins from the start. Too much advanced cinematic thinking for me. Possibly advanced students of film would love it.

There are *several* extra features included with the 1 1/4 hour feature. I didn't go there. Good luck.


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