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Being Human - the original screenplay!

In the tragic history of maltreated cinema, I can think of no worse example than the 1994 film by Bill Forsythe, “Being Human”. The director of “Gregory’s Girl” and “Local Hero” wrote a fantastic screenplay about the gentle soul of a simple man’s journey thru the ages, seeking happiness, love, and peace. Unfortunately, the vapid suits at Warner Brothers (already infamous in my eyes for their quashing of George Romero’s “The Stand”, the screenplay of which is also available for viewing on this site) didn’t understand his vision, so they forced him to slash over 40 minutes from his final cut, and to add one of the worst narration tracks ever (by Theresa Russell) in a pathetic attempt to explain to the audience what they felt was necessary to keep them tuned in and “understanding” what was going on. This faux narration completely ruins the theatrical print of the film: it’s like having a really irritating, mentally unbalanced woman sitting next to you in the theatre, talking happily back to the screen, until you want to take your popcorn box and shove it down her throat to keep her quiet. Forsythe rightly disowned the film, which got almost universally negative reviews, and with the exception of a really bad attempt at a “sequel” to “Gregory’s Girl” in 1999, he never made another film, because of his deep disillusionment due t0 his bad treatment over “Being Human”. Once again, shame on you, Warner Brothers. You killed off what should have been a great film, and you killed off the career of a great director. How do these people sleep at night?

Fortunately, the original screenplay still exists, and here it is. Check it out, and let’s just hope that one day, the original director’s print of this unfairly damaged film will finally see the light of day. Until then, read this.


I love the narration. I almost always hate narration, but I think they did an amazing job with it in this film.

(I'm sure you're gonna get on your soapbox now and say that I don't understand true cinema. Whatever. )

If this director quit over this film, then that's his problem. A real artist doesn't quit.


>> I'm sure you're gonna get on your soapbox now and say that I don't understand true cinema. Whatever.

I wasnt going to say anything, so your self perceived psychic powers are off. If you love the dopey narration in the film, that's up to you. Nobody else does, including the director, but I am sure that you are the one that is correct. Whatever indeed.