To any Peter O'Brian fans attempting to unearth this potential classic:

There are 2 films called "Angel of Fury", both starring Cynthia Rothrock!! Having seen the front cover on IMDB we purchased this movie believing it to be the one starring Peter O'Brian but alas we were shocked at the mistake! The one with Peter O'Brian is also known as Triple Cross (which would make it easier to find).

Please can someone with a bit of know-how please sort this out and get the incorrect cover art removed from this imdb page so no other Peter O'Brian fans will have to experience the Trauma I suffered by purchasing the wrong film.

To summarise:

Angel of Fury (aka Lady Dragon 2), starring Cynthia Rothrock & Billy Drago = RUBBISH

Angel of Fury (aka Triple Cross), starring Cynthia Rothrock & "the one and only"
Peter O'Brian = potentially one of the greatest films ever made.


Ironically someone else has FINALLY noticed the stuff up IMDB has done. I actually LOVE the "Angel Of Fury" with Billy Drago and thought this one was utter tripe! This is the poster for the other movie also known as "Lady Dragon 2" depending on what part of the world you are from. I'm in Australia and have this exact promo cardboard stand poster in my house!! I offered the video store alot so I got it!!
To each their own I guess.

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