How is this 'Snowy River'?

Just saw this show mentioned on a "Man From Snowy River" page, but it didn't explain much beyond the fact that it was a television series inspired/based on the movie.

My question is: how are they linked...beyond location? Is Matt McGregor supposed to be a relative of one of the original movie characters? Do movie characters (Jim/Jessica/ect...) make an appearance?



Both the series and the movies are adaptations of the same poem, but that's pretty much their only connection. In the poem, "The Man" from Snowy river is not named. In the movie, he is named Jim Craig. In the series, he is named Matt McGregor.

The poem is about the "man" making a terrible decent on horseback. The movie adapts this event. The TV show is set 25 years after this event.

It's three years late, but that's the answer....