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The Chevy Chase Show | Forgotten Failures

The Chevy Chase Show was a late-night talk show that aired on Fox for less than a month in 1993, with its inception and failure making for an interesting tale. Join me as I dive into the strange first episodes of this stunningly bizarre show.


What's so shocking is he was a popular guest host on "The Tonight Show". One would have thought FOX would have gone back to those episodes to see just how well he would do.

The New York Times called him, "The Next Johnny Carson"...but I think they did that with everyone??

It the TV universe of failures though, this is hardly forgotten.

It's pretty well known how bad it went.

Of course, he debuted back when Letterman (fresh over at CBS) was just beginning his peak of popularity and the host of the hottest, most talked about show in all of television.

The "Great Late Night Wars of 93"...:)

There were a couple memorable moments from the show, Chevy pretending to be a figure at Madame Tussauds wax museum and probably his best interview was with child pilot, Jessica Dubroff...who sadly died some 3 years later while flying over Wyoming.

Lots of hype into this thing and lots of hope.

He always seemed just so nervous and never felt comfortable. Perhaps, the opening night reviews just psyched the guy out and the rest is history.


Yes, I remember watching that with my niece. She looked at me and said, "Is this supposed to be good?" It was truly awful,
which surprised me because he's a funny comic actor. But he certainly had no idea how to do a talk show.