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Did you have Internet Access in the 90s?

I did of course I Was still a kid. I remember Animaniacs fansites used to be all over the early days of the internet and then there was which is actually still active last time I checked of course that's been a while back ago.


I can only say I first logged on to a
computer & used the internet in September of 1997.

I took a short Community College course on PC & internet usage.

First place i Went was (Billboard Magazine)
to see what was the #1 song that week. (Honey - Mariah Carey.)

However after the course ended ,I really didn;t go back on the net until 2000 ,when the Phoenix library system finally got with it and got some PCs.

I really didn;t get my own PC until 2004.

I was never big on 'fansites' but I love Animaniacs. GTonight ,I finish watching the DVD's.  Including 'Yakko's Wish' ,whioch I;m sure most here consider to be episode 100 & the finale'.

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My area had a freenet. It was a Unix Solaris system on dialup with lynx text web browser access. It was in 1995 and it was free.


We accessed the net probably about 1994 when I was teenager. We had dial-up AOL and just one phone line. My parents would come home, pick up the phnoe and knock me off.

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