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Jury said,'Heck,i don't know what took her so long.' SOME do agree.....!

Some on facebook betty broderick FB page,as in forums onilne agree that she took too long to shoot him.I personally forgot a jury and a GUY at that said this about the killing omg. still give me chills now that i remember,and watching the INCREDIBLE true story movie tonight again on LMN.
The jury,older man had said something to the affect of:(when she first was cleared or a hung jury etc. he goes," Well,if you ask me i don't know,what took her so long to kill em,or 1 of them, but i was researching and as i re-watch again tonight,from recordindg off LMN last week,i forgot the jury said this about BETTY BRODERICK,amazing! not the killing,for which is imo wrong,to me not to all pero.(but)what i find interesting is 1 jury had actually said this, not only to himself but publicly right to the media.

So sad that greedy,uncaring, self-absorb dan and linda was not nicer to her,but ridicule her so much encompassing right in front of the kids,severely.Sad,neither one did not have ANY respect for her pain,what she was going through,or maybe they would have been alive,who knows.Either way,can't believe a jury said this about her murdering her spouse,along with his new wife linda.Such a great story/movie on LMN.If a "jury felt this way"i know so many i see online do too.I REALLY Love this movie,just wanted to share that as i re-watch.



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I agree DominicanRed.

I am watching it today/tonight again on LMN.
If i was a california juror i would've said the same.

It was clear what happened here.

and May both rest in peace, but Betts have serve enough time.

JMHO on that...Look how he treated her. Linda too.


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Hey Josh . . .
I hope Betty get out too 1 day...
she might. time will tell.

I have it on again tonight.
Record it off of LMN today ...

Night all.


Red, hi.

I have this on too again this evening.

I can believe a jury talk this way, because i would have said it too seriously.

JMO. But what dan and snotty linda cheating dan and cheating dan did to betts was just beyond cruel imo. I think so many assume she would never do it ya know... Gotta treat people in life the right way...Dan and Linda mistreat her for a long time.